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Emotional Freedom Anywhere

Unleash Your Power Within: RTT Therapy & Yoga

Rapid Change, Lasting Freedom.

Satveer has worked with celebrities, corporate businesses, mental health clinics, schools, and individuals from all over the world


International Trauma-Focused Holistic Practitioner & RTT Therapist

Celebrities, businesses, clinics, schools, and private sessions

Hello! I'm Satveer, a seasoned RTT therapist and yoga instructor based in the UK. With 7 years of experience in therapy and 20 years in yoga, I specialize in holistic well-being, offering transformative sessions both in-person and online worldwide.

My approach integrates the profound insights of RTT with ancient yogic wisdom, offering clients the flexibility to choose between tailored RTT sessions or immersive yoga experiences, depending on their preference. Whether you seek deep relaxation, healing for mental health issues, or trauma recovery, rest assured, both modalities are crafted to meet your unique needs.


With a diverse clientele, including celebrities, and global collaborations with various institutions, I'm committed to providing accessible pathways to well-being, empowering individuals to embark on their healing journey with confidence and choice.

I'm passionate about empowering individuals of all ages and backgrounds to find inner peace and resilience. Let's embark on this journey together towards a life of profound well-being.

RTT Testimonials

I invite you to explore these testimonials to understand the unique and personalized support I provide. They provide a glimpse into the compassionate, non-judgmental, and collaborative environment I strive to create for each client. Reviewing these testimonials may help you gauge whether my therapeutic style aligns with your needs and expectations, ultimately aiding you in making an informed decision about embarking on your own journey toward personal growth and well-being.

Video Testimonials
PTSD gone !!! Book your Free Strategy call now!
PTSD gone! Watch this !  Book your free Strategy call now!
Anxiety Gone in 3 sessions!
PTSD gone in 1 session!
PTSD gone! Watch this ! Book your free Strategy call now!
PTSD gone! RTT Therapy Testimony - PTSD Recovery in One Session
Lifelong anxiety gone!
PTSD gone ! Watch this!  Book your free Strategy call now !

Social anxiety and panic attacks gone in one session.

Conor M., UK

More than 50
5-star Google Reviews

See what my clients have to say

I can help.

I have helped many people with a variety of physical and emotional conditions get to the root cause of the issue and experience life-changing healing. 

RTT is so effective, most clients only need 1-3 sessions.




Body Dysmorphia


Fertility Issues

Narcisstic Abuse

Sleep Issues

Chronic Pain

Public Speaking




Low Self-esteem



Life Transitions

Eating Disorders

Weight Loss

Financial Blocks

Yoga with Satveer

Powerful, healing, revitalizing.

My yoga isn't just about physical postures; it's a gateway to deep relaxation, mental clarity, and inner strength. Experience the difference as you reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit, and discover the transformative power of yoga in every aspect of your life.

Read more about the variety of yoga classes and workshops I offer.

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    Based in Cheshire, UK

    Services provided internationally

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