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My Background

Welcome! I'm Satveer, an RTT therapist with over 7 years  of experience and a seasoned yoga instructor with over two decades of dedicated practice. Based in the UK, my passion for holistic well-being extends across borders, as I frequently travel to the US to provide my services and offer online sessions to individuals worldwide.

With a profound understanding of the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit, I specialize in facilitating transformative experiences for those grappling with mental health challenges, seeking profound relaxation, or aiming to address deep-seated traumas. My approach blends the profound insights of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) with the ancient wisdom of yoga, offering a unique and comprehensive path towards healing and self-discovery.

I firmly believe in the power of holistic healing, viewing each individual as a complex tapestry of experiences, emotions, and aspirations. Whether you're an adult navigating life's complexities, a teen struggling with identity and belonging, or a parent seeking support for your child, I offer a safe and nurturing space for exploration and growth.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse clientele, spanning from celebrities to community members, and collaborating with mental health clinics, schools, studios, and gyms worldwide. My inclusive approach ensures that individuals from all cultural backgrounds feel seen, heard, and valued throughout their healing journey.

Above all, I am deeply passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others. Guided by compassion, empathy, and a commitment to authenticity, I am dedicated to empowering you to overcome obstacles, unlock your inner resilience, and embrace a life of profound well-being and fulfillment.

I look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you.

Warm regards, 



My Approach

As an RTT therapist, my approach to therapy is rooted in a commitment to guiding individuals through a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Here's a glimpse into my approach:

1. Client-Centered Connection:

My sessions are deeply client-centered, recognizing and valuing the distinct experiences and challenges that each person brings. Establishing a genuine connection is crucial to fostering a safe and supportive space for exploration and transformation.

2. Subconscious Exploration:

Together, we embark on a journey to explore the depths of the subconscious mind. Through focused techniques and hypnosis, we uncover the layers of beliefs, memories, and thought patterns that may be shaping current struggles.

3. Regression for Insight:

Utilizing regression techniques, I guide clients to revisit key moments, traumas, or experiences that might be influencing their present reality. This process is an opportunity for profound insights and a chance to reframe and release emotional burdens.

4. Cognitive Empowerment:

Central to the process is the practice of cognitive restructuring. We identify and transform negative beliefs, paving the way for a renewed mindset characterized by positivity, self-empowerment, and resilience.

5. Efficient Transformation:

Recognizing the value of time and the urgency for change, I work efficiently to facilitate rapid yet lasting transformation. Setting clear goals collaboratively, we navigate the journey toward achieving tangible and impactful results.

6. Empowerment Beyond Sessions:

My commitment extends beyond the therapy room. I provide tools, resources, and ongoing support to empower clients in their daily lives, ensuring that the positive changes initiated in our sessions continue to flourish.

In essence, my approach as an RTT therapist is about guiding individuals toward their own inner strength and resilience. It's a collaborative journey where we unlock the potential for positive change, allowing clients to step into a life filled with empowerment and newfound possibilities.

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